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Condominium Management (Juristic Person)

Our Services.                               


1. Condominium Juristic person Management (Residential, Office Building, Housing Village)


2. Registration of Condominium and Housing Estate


3. Engineering  and Facility Management

4.  Accounting service

5.  Legal advisory

      Brief  Condominium Management Services             

v   Advisory and Service for handling process of Condominium’s Juristic Person registration with Department of Land and other Government agencies.

This registration is a MUST prior enter to process of transferring right, which change status from customers/buyers to become the Co-owners of condominium thereafter.

v    To manage the Building’s all Facilities  to support ,and good manner availability service for, the Co-owners and  residents

v   Manage all Engineering service  (Repairing & Preventive Maintenance)

v   Accounting Payable-Receivable bookkeeping (on monthly basis), Balance Sheet at year end,  

v   Organizing of the Committee Meeting , the Annual General Meeting of Co-owners, and all matters in correspondence to the Laws.