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            What benefit derived from our 20th years of services: Condominium-Juristic person & Condominium-Property/Building.

> Condominium-Property Project(Building, Facility, Amenity) will remain safe,good shape, cleaned, aesthetically and well function for your happiness living. This quality ensured by our 30 years experience of  Architectural works Engineering skill.

> Our in-house software will generate financial report , transaction of bills and expenses be 100% transparency and accurate figures result. 

> Our design Operating control system be implemented to accommodate community-care services and to support community ethics encouragement.

> Our Legal advisory providing a appropriated way of decision making for any further development entirely. 

     We focus rather on the Professional Property management Services for the benefit of the Condominium's community,the Co-owners & the stake holders. 

     With our skill and experience management for more than 50 of Condominiums and 40 Housing Villages project,that made we keen on creative solutions and reveal Condominium-community's Needs.


                                                                 Call Center : 085 936 4579